Shoe Game: Gourmet

Gourmet is a brand that I’ve been…aware of for a few years, but I feel is really started to come into their own, and gain widespread notoriety here in 2010.  If you haven’t heard of them yet, you probably will soon.  Gourmet is a footwear company that was founded and is run by three Italian-American friends from the North East.  And if you know anything about shoes, you know that the best ones are Italian!  Even Nike has is higher end pieces constructed in the land of Leonardo da Vinci, pasta, and football.  So there should be no doubt that Gourmet’s shoes are of high quality.  What I can speak mostly for is the unique design of the shoes.  They kind of blend together the love for sneakers, as well as classic footwear that the owners share.  These shoes really are the best of both worlds.  And perfect for the likes of me, since I love sneakers, and also have an affinity for classics like wallabees, boat shoes, loafers, boots, etc.  Each of the models is given an Italian number as it’s name; Uno, Cuattro, Otto, and my personal favorite, the Quadici.  And in addition to unique design and high quality construction, the Gourmet guys do generally seem pretty cool and passionate about the brand that they’ve built themselves.  I got a chance to see them all in action in their transplant home of Los Angeles on Maestro Knows.  Watch it below.  Their website is simply and well designed, and they have a pretty solid blog done by the three guys themselves on the site.  Click the image of the Quadici model above to link to the company website, and watch the episode of Maestro Knows featuring Gourmet below.


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