Sophomore NYC

I saw a preview for this short movie on the Hypebeast blog a while ago, and got really excited for it to come out on the internet.  In case you didn’t know, fashion brands make the best short films featuring their clothes with cool storylines and music.  For example, the ones by YSL and Steven Alan that I posted a while back.  Anywho, Sophomore is a New York City brand that oozes the lifestyle and vibe of modern and 1970s downtown NYC.  Just a cool company, that I haven’t really been to up on for too long, but am definitely feeling.  The movie was shot by a photographer by the name of Cass Bird.  Bird is a super successful photographer with a really cool style and a portfolio that includes celebrities shots of Shaun White, Penelope Cruz, and Lilly Allen.  The Sophomore movie is her first notable video project as far as I know.  So watch the video above, and check out the Sophomore website here.


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