Is this the first post on the internet about Twitter?  No.  Is it even kind of early?  No.  Will it be the last post about Twitter?  NO!!!  I don’t even want to assume that anyone potentially looking at Rashan’s World doesn’t know what Twitter is, so I won’t waste our time by going into that.  The question that I’m looking to address here, is about the negativity or positivity of Twitter.  It’s definitely up in the air.  Twitter has been out for a minute now, and only building up more and more strength as it goes.  When I first heard of Twitter, none of my friends were on it, and I thought it was a cool idea, so I brought it up to everyone, and was not met with too much excitement.  But now, pretty much everybody has it, even if they don’t use it at all (Kody, Ashley Rose).  My girlfriend, Ashley Rose isn’t on it right now because she’s currently in China where they keep pretty much any sort of social networking, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. ON LOCK!  I think that Twitter can be a stupid idea, if you’re just arbitrarily tweeting about whatever uninteresting thing you’re doing at the moment.  For example…JOHN DOE is “on the toilet!”  Unnecessary.  Twitter is at its best when really used to keep in touch with friends, building something, or working towards some sort of goal.  And the more interesting the person, for the most part, the more interesting the Tweetage.  I have an account, and am working towards actually being good at it, and hitting it up at least once per day.  If you’re not on, then I actually do recommend getting an account, its free, and can be pretty cool, some celebrities are really funny.  A good one is Chad Ochocinco!  And if you’re on and you like Rashan’s World…then follow me!!!!!!  Please let me know what you think about Twitter in the comments!!!!

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