The Wild and Wonderful Web: The Hundreds

The Hundreds.  A great brand and influencer of all things California and “street-wear” culture.  I recently got a sweet t-shirt collabo between them and DC supplier Major, that I showed you all in an earlier post about the quality shop in the nation’s capital.  But even greater than, or at least equal to the quality of their apparel is all of their internet content.  If you head to the main site, you’ll first encounter founder, Bobby Hundred’s personal blog.  This thing is nearly limitless, and could potentially consume and therefore ruin a major portion of your life outside of the internet.  His blog is mainly filled with the really good photographs that he takes on a daily basis, of his friends and family, or just cool people in either LA or SF, or a variety of cool places that you haven’t been to around the world.  Bobby’s blog alone is solid enough in and of itself to warrant a Wild and Wonderful Web post, but the fun doesn’t stop there.  There are also a number of secondary blogs on the site that can be accessed on the side panel.  There’s The Feed, which is a very up to date, and non-stop “feed” of the newest fashion news and goods from around the world; Marc Jacobs, Billionaire Boys Club, Original Fake…they’re all there.  Then there’s Photo Booth: La and SF.  A constantly growing collection of silly photos from the two Hundreds spots; Rosewood in Los Angeles, and Post in San Francisco.  There’s a page called Ynot, which is a stream of party photos of the Hundreds guys and some other intriguing characters.  There’s Ask Yasi, a blog of question and answer in which this lady who remains somewhat anonymous named Yasi gets funky on the writing  tip.  And possibly the most time consuming of consortium is the video blog Video Daze.  A seemingly random collection of hilarious and swell videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.  Really good stuff.  So click the symbol above of the Hundred’s mascot, Adam Bomb, to link to the site.  And be careful, it is very possible to get lost for days here.  Have fun!


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