Official Cool Cat: Ibn Jasper

So, for a while I’ve been hearing this dude’s name all over the place.  Ibn Jasper.  And you probably have too, at least if you follow hip-hop, fashion, skateboarding culture, and “street” culture.  Well Ibn seems to be found right in the place where they all collide.  What I certainly understood about him before just recently was that he was some cool dude who hailed from the Windy City, rode around on a skateboard, was friends with Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco, and somehow seemed to go all around the world just looking fresh.  You can hear his name mentioned in few songs from these guys, what sticks out in my head is that line from Lupe’s “Paris Tokyo.”   For a few years, I’ve been looking at his blog Ferrari Murakami, which also happens to be his alter ego.  To find out why he got his name, and a bunch of other details about the man, click on his image above to link to a pretty good interview with Mr. Jasper on Street Level.  Okay, so as usual, I did the research, and found out exactly why this guy is who he is, and somehow became an almost household name.  Apparently, he is, and has been Kanye’s personal barber for a long time.  So Mr. West brings him everywhere, and stays sharp.  So we’ve all seen the very impressive hair art work of Ibn Jasper grace the head of Kanye many a time (below).  And since Ibn Jasper is even more known for innate ability to always stay effortlessly stylish, he is apparently Kanye West’s image consultant or something…very impressive.  And good old Maestro (who I’m fast becoming a huge fan of) did his last episode of Maestro Knows with Ibn in Chicago, check out the video below too.

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