Maestro Knows!!!

Browsing around my favorite video site on the internet, Vimeo, I stumbled across this series of videos by this cool Los Angeles dude by the name of Levi Maestro.  His series is called “Maestro Knows.”  Maestro is an original skateboard cat, and I don’t know what exactly is his claim to fame, but he definitely knows a bunch of heads, and has mad connections.  Everywhere he goes, he takes his video camera and records.  In his videos he’s chillin with all types of cats from North Carolina hip-hop producer, 9th Wonder, to Chicago hip-hop and fashion culture heavy, Ibn Jasper.  This magnificent episode that I’ve chosen to present to you here on Rashan’s World features Nigel Sylvester, who was also the subject of a piece of video artwork by photographer, 13th Witness, that I put up here about a month ago.  Check out the video above, if you like it, then check out the rest of his videos, they’re all quality.  And go to his blog here.  Enjoy.

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