Artastic Artist: Kehinde Wiley

It’s been a while since I’ve put up an Artastic Artist post, so I thought it time, once again to bring a little bit of art to the masses.  Sometimes I get a bit reluctant to put up art stuff, because I don’t really get a lot of feedback from you, my faithful, however few, readers.  Comment on this post if you like this stuff!  I’ve got plenty of good art that is waiting to be devoured by your eyes!

So, on to Kehinde Wiley.  Mr. Wiley is an artist whose work I’ve been very impressed by for a few years now.  He’s from Los Angeles, California, and went to school for painting at Yale (which if you didn’t know, is basically a factory for amazing contemporary artists).  He started doing amazing paintings like the one above of young black men that he would find on the streets of New York, and photograph in their own urban clothes, in the poses of classical masterpieces.  He uses the techniques and power of these masters of painting, like 16th century Italian Renaissance painter, Titian, to create these striking, massive portraits.  I when I say massive, that’s what I mean.  Some of his paintings measure up at over nine feet by nine feet, making the subjects greater than life size, and monumentalizing them.  He has a really cool collection that includes portraits of various members of  Hip-Hop royalty, including, Biggie, LL Cool J, Ice T, and Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five.  He’s had a lot of success, and a great deal of noteiety as one of the few successful black American painters of the day.  Right now, he has a number of pieces being shown at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.  If anyone wants to go this week, hit me up!  So, I hope you enjoy these pieces, and if you want more, click the image at the top to link to his website, to check out a bunch of his collections and learn a bit more about the artist. 

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4 Responses to Artastic Artist: Kehinde Wiley

  1. “In listening to a concert, the music-lover experiences a joy qualitatively different from that experienced in listening to natural sounds, such as the murmur of a stream… Similarly [modern] painters provide … artistic sensations due exclusively to the harmony of lights and shades and independent of the subject depicted in the picture.”– Parisian art critic and poet Guillaume Apollinaire, On the Subject in Modern Painting, 1912.

  2. phoff8 says:

    I like the Artastic Artist posts. I just never know what to say other than oh that’s tight or I didn’t really like this one. FYI this guy is alright, but I prefer Wiltshire.

  3. BigC says:

    it looks cool, but i feel like the guy takes print from couches from the 60’s and just superimposed a person on top of it.

  4. Megawill says:

    this guy’s art is awesome. wish i could get one done of myself. that would be amazing

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