C’mon homie, we Major!

Hopefully all of you understood the Kanye West reference in the title.  If not then I feel as if you need to study up a little bit.  Anywho, please excuse me for not really being on top of my blogging duties to the faithful….six or so readers out there!  I really do want to be on top of this thing, but sometimes other things get in the way.  So, on with the topic of the post.  A few days ago, I posted about my chance encounter with DC’s favorite son, Wale.  That was actually a really long day, so I’ll talk a bit more about it now.  Earlier that day, I hit up a G-town fave of mine, Major.  L.A. has Undefeated, S.F. has Huf, N.Y.C. has Alife, and a bevy other shoe spots, and D.C. has Major!  Major always has a bunch of sweet kicks and gear from all of the guys you’ve heard of, and some you haven’t.  They recently did a collaboration with California brand, The Hundreds, and produced the limited edition tee you see above, which I had my sister cop me for Christmas. 

I ran into my boy, Rolando, hard at work at Major.  That’s him just above.  He had just started the job recently and was definitely putting put through a trial by fire!  They had my man going through crazy stacks of shoes in the back, with Jordans falling on his head, and cats asking him for shoes every two seconds.  We got a little time to catch up in between though!  Roly (as they call him in the store) and I played played soccer with and against one another in high school.  And actually once in college too. 

And mad cats kept coming in on that day, it was the day that the Jordan XIIs came out.  The black and white ones that he wore in Spacejam.  This was easily the most eargerly anticpated release of the year, and so people were seriously camping out for HOURS the day and nigh before in the ice to get a pair of these when the doors opened at midnight.  Still, too many people who don’t know anything about how this stuff works were coming in the store and calling in non-stop asking about the shoes.  C’mon people, study up.  So, all in all.  Major is a legit place that everyone should certainly check out if you’re in Georgetown.  As you see from the third picture, the have a huge and high quality selection to browse!

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