Artastic Artist: Stephen Wiltshire

Okay, so this might be the single most amazing Artastic Artist post I’ve made to date, or will ever be able to make.  While Stephen Wiltshire’s art is great, its really his mind that astounds me!  Stephen is autistic, and didn’t utter a single word until the age of nine.  What he lacks in communication skills he makes up for in spades with artistic skills and memory.  He specializes in reproductions of sprawling cityscapes and architectural features, a subject taken up by many.  What’s spectacular is that he often does these things from memory.  Yeah.  See that panoramic view of New York at the top of this post?  Straight out of his head, rendered in about three hours, just in October!!!  It’s almost exactly correct, with historic landmarks and boats and trees, and everything that makes a city come to life.  He also has a penchant for 1970s automobiles, which he apparently has an encyclopedia like knowledge of.  This guys brain is out of this world.  He was born in London to West Indian parents, and began drawing at age five and hasn’t looked back.  His word was paper!, spoken in anger after his drawing accesories were taken from him in an experiment.  So, click on the above image to link to his website, and check out all of the other amazing things this guy conjures up!


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