Musical Mayhem: Passion Pit

This summer, my girlfriend, Ashley Rose, came to visit me at my home in Virginia for a couple of weeks before departing half way across the world, to China.  She brought some new music she had found along with her.  The song that she was most excited about was some song called “Sleepyhead.”  She said it reminded her of…My Little Pony? or Carebears?? I can’t really remember, but something to that effect.  We gave it a listen, and I really liked it!!  And I saw exactly what she meant with her comparison.  The song seemed kind of magical and crazy and bright.  But we didn’t know who it was by, I think, and didn’t really think about it, just enjoyed it, bumping it in Habib’s car.  But just recently, I found out just who the song was by.  I was in Michael’s room, playing some FIFA on Xbox 360, and Mike was like, “Hey, check out this song!”  We listened and the song was cool, and instantly it reminded me of “Sleepyhead.”  I said, “who is this by?”  It was some group called Passion Pit.  Lo and behold, they were they same artists that did “Sleepyhead!!!!”  So check em out.  Definitely worth at least a listen.  They’re kind of a mixture of electronica, dance music, and like alternative rock or something.  And a lot of fun to listen to.  Click the photo of the band above to link to their official website.

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