Musical Mayhem: Vampire Weekend

No.  I didn’t just hear about the band Vampire Weekend, but they’ve just returned to my radar, and I figured they were worthy of some love in Rashan’s World.  Unlike some other things, I was not anywhere near one of the first to really be up on Vampire Weekend.  I think freshman year or something, I saw their video for the song A Punk on MTV U(which is actually great for hearing new music) and liked it, but didn’t pay much attention to the band.  Vampire Weekend is mainly listened to by a lot of teenage suburban girls, but guys, don’t sleep on VW!  I got their self titled debut album late last school year and got really into it over the summer.  I told my girlfriend, and she made no bones about telling me that “yeah, that’s like so last summer for me,” putting it plainly for me to see that…I’m not that cool.  Anywho, I really enjoy their sound, and overall aesthetic, prep style, with lots of button down oxfords, and chinos.  The band members met while attending the Ivy League school, Columbia University in Manhattan.  Their few videos are very simple and show them and their environment for what it is.  Why I’ve been thinking of them as of late is they have a new album, entitled Contra due out in the US on January 12.  (Why the hell is it coming out on the 11th in the UK?  They’re American!)  I think the first album was terrific, and I just hope that they’re popularity doesn’t change and ruin them for their sophomore run.  Watch the interesting video of their record, “Oxford Comma” and click on the picture of the band to link to their website where you can listen to their new track “Horchata.”

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1 Response to Musical Mayhem: Vampire Weekend

  1. Frankie says:

    My sis turned me onto them soph year and I’ve seen them play a couple of times, they’re pretty good. They need some new stuff though (or maybe they came out with new stuff since I saw them in Chicago this summer…)

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