Being Preppy?


It’s a word that we hear often.  Used in many different ways.  But what does it mean exactly?  What does it mean to be preppy?  I used to think that I was in no way even kind of preppy, that preppy meant to be be a jerk and wear Abercrombie & Fitch clothing all the time.  Then I found out that I was a bit more preppy than I thought, and that wearing Abercrombie pretty much means that you are not a prep.  My friend, Justin, voted “Most Preppiest” at his relatively preppy private high school thinks that being preppy in his situation was basically about perception.  He was awarded the title because he was black and didn’t dress in a ghetto style.  This marked him as extraordinarily preppy.  So, to me, its kind of up in the air, exactly what it means to be preppy.  Someone who does have a good idea of what it means is Nelson W. Aldrich Jr.  I’m not saying that this guy is delivering any sort of earth shattering new, but this is definitely a good read.  A bit lengthy, but fun.  Click on the photo above to link to Aldrich’s dissertation printed over 30 years ago in the Atlantic Monthly, entitled “Preppies: The Last Upper Class?”  I found the article on one of my favorite style and fashion blogs, Ivy Style.

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3 Responses to Being Preppy?

  1. Ryan says:

    A great article! Thanks so much for sharing with the world that preppy is not a singular style but a way of life that is different for different people. We invite you to take a look at our blog from time to time as we frequently publish articles reviewing preppy clothing, styles, and people. Thanks again

    Editor in Chief, The Mid-Atlantic Post

  2. Ryan says:

    In my last post, I forgot to mention our URL. Sorry, and we hope you stop by!

  3. lewisha says:

    What a great article, very funny and also very factual.

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