Comic Book Illustration!!!!

So, everyone knows that I like to draw here and there.  Well, for a great deal of my life, maybe even a little bit inside now, I wanted to be a comic book illustrator.  I’ve always been a HUGE fan of the medium (I have a somewhat massive collection from the better part of the last two decades) and I’ve always especially been in love with the art!  Comic books are definitely what first gave me a love for drawing.  I would look for the name (and still do) of the guy doing the pencils of an issue just as critically as the title of the story.  I love Jim Lee, Frank Quitely, Frank Miller, Alex Ross, Michael Turner, just to name a few.   I would always copy my favorite images from my comics and sign them and show them off to my family when I was small.  I thought they would be a big deal when I was actually drawing those same characters for DC or Marvel someday in the future!  Even if you don’t consider this stuff “art” (high brow/ low brow crap) then you must at least see the great deal of skill that these guys have.  They are definitely some of the best pure draftsmen around.  Amazing drawing technique.  So, though it might be a bit quiet, watch the video, its pretty amazing seeing these things come together, and the pace at which it all happens!  The guys’ work in this video is Dave Gibbons, and Travis Charest.

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