Band of Outsiders for Sperry

One of my wardrobe staples for sure are boat shoes by the lovely brand Sperry Topsider.  They are classic, comfortable, durable, and in my opinion, pretty darn good looking. I’m actually wearing a pair of black leather ones right now.  (Hard to find!) For some reason though, when I was like in elementary school, I used to hate them and thought that they were just horrible.  Well, I’m glad that I’ve gotten through that phase, as I where them almost everyday now, weather permitting.  My sneakers are for collecting, and boat shoes are for wearing.  Well, what I’m writing about here are these more innovative styles by this edgier company, Band of Outsiders, which has been designing a line of top-siders for Sperry for a couple of years now.  If you really stay up on your fashion and stuff, then this is old news.  But if not, then I’m glad that I could let some people in on something amazing.  Well, Band of Outsiders has done some great stuff with the shoes, changing the cuts, using different materials, and lots of cool colors.  They will definitely will cost you a bit more change, but they really are unique and awesome!  Check out the video below, and click on the picture above to link to the Band of Outsiders for Sperry Top-Sider website.

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