Artastic Artist: Simon Birch


Right now I’m chillin with my man Jimmy, in a sweet computer lab on a neighboring rival college’s campus, checking out these amazing macs and exploring my mistress, the internet.  During my my adventure, I stumbled upon the striking work of this British artist, Simon Birch.  Simon Birch has been living in Hong Kong, China for about the last decade, making money, and working on his craft as a painter.  He financed his own first shows after working construction.  He apparently has no formal training, so he’s done very well for himself, and has developed a distinct, somewhat abstract, figurative style, that easily catches the eye.  He’s done work for the interior of a Louis Vuitton store, recently had his first huge solo show in Miami, and is currently showing in Hollywood.  He’s on the come up.  He also has a blog that he fills with a ton of self taken photos of his exploits around the world.  Click the picture below to link to his blog and profile on this site called


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