Artastic Artist: DAIM

DAIM is a sweet German graffiti artist hailing from Germany who I seriously have forgotten about for a long time now.  But be advised, don’t sleep on this guy, he’s sick!  He has a kind of innovative 3D style, that just looks spectacular.  He also does some more traditional art, illustration, canvases, whatever, and they’re all obviously terrific due to his excellent technical ability.  I first saw his work in this massive book about graffiti all over the world that I got when I was in high school.  I had a secret ambition to be this awesome graffiti artist, but clearly never really had the courage or real know how to get out there and paint a wall or something!  Click the picture above to go to the site, it’s pretty sweet, some nice animation and music.

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One Response to Artastic Artist: DAIM

  1. Megawill says:

    HOLY CRAP i love this artwork! this is soooo awesome i doodle a bunch of arrows and stuff while in class sometimes and this guy just blows be away with his work. thanks Rashan!

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