So, it seems that Drake is the new craze in hip-hop.  My soccer team is pretty much in love with him, and he’s the first name that I’m hearing right now, when all types of people talk about what they’re liking.  I definitely have nothing against him.  I actually do like his music.  I just think that he’s popular right now for the wrong songs.  He’s actually doing some kind of cutting edge stuff, but those aren’t the songs that he’s getting recognition for.  I definitely LOVE “Best I Ever Had,” but this is not any sort of earth shattering record.  I think what makes that and many of his songs so good is the subject matter that they touch on, and the ease with which young people can relate to his lyrics.  He has a different sort of feel than a lot of other rap out right now.  Still he is mis-appreciated.  Not underappreciated, as he gets plenty of love.  But two tracks that he should be praised for their uniqueness are “Let’s Call it Off” featuring Peter Bjorn, and “Little Bit” featuring Lykke Li.  Give the tracks a listen, and let me know what you think!

Most of the beat  for “Little Bit” is taken directly from Lykke Li’s track of the same name.  Which I heard before the Drake remix, and which is definitely a really good song on its own.  I think Lykke Li is a good up and coming artist.  When I visited my girlfriend, Ashley Rose, this summer, I was introduced to Lykke Li by one of her friends, then I heard Drake’s version of her song very shortly after.  You should watch her video of the song as well.

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2 Responses to Drake

  1. Patrick says:

    Yo. I don’t even really like Drake. I like Best I Ever Had and I like his verse on Digital Girl and Forever, but that was it. But I could rock Let’s Call It Off all day. And Little Bit is pretty fly.

  2. Julius Thomas says:

    I agree with this assesment fully, drake is a great artist but songs like: forever,Digital girl, and digital girl, are definitely not his best work. Personally I believe that his best work is his first mixtape “Comeback Season”, his lyrics blew anyone away because of the many metaphors and word play created by Drake. Hopefully he will get get back to that once he gets his funds together. lol

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