Brazil: World Cup and Olympics

Pele and Lula

Pele and Lula

So, we’ve known a good while now that Brazil had won the bid to host the World Cup in 2014.  But just yesterday, Rio de Janeiro won the competition to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.  This is crazy!  The two biggest athletic competitions in the world will be held in the same country back to back.  This isn’t a first, as the United States hosted World Cup ’94 and the Summer games took place in Atlana two years later in 1996.  Still, this is a surprising move to me, but I’m definitely not complaining.  This is an excellent opportunity for the up and coming South American nation to show off and attempt to take a place in the elite nations of the world.  The 2016 games will also, excitingly be the first to be held in South America!  To receive the bid, Brazil was in the running against Tokyo, Japan, Madrid, Spain, and the US’s Chicago.  All of the competing cities put together very convincing packages to promote themselves to the International Olympic Committee.  Chicago, initially perceived to be a favorite to host the games, got somewhat embarrassed, as President Obama himself, flew to Copenhagen to lobby for his city, only to see Chicago knoed out in the first round of voting.  The final run-off came down to Madrid and Rio, with Rio winning in a convincing 32 votes to 66.  

Check out this video that I found on the great site, The video is part of Rio de Janeiro’s package entered to the Olympic Committee to win the bid. It’s really cool and totally done with digital imaging, showing all of the projected venues for the athletic events, along with narration throughout, explaining all of the ideas. The locations of all of the new sites are perfect and extremely picturesque. Many of the competitions will be held by the water and all of the terrain in general seems perfectly suited for the games.

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1 Response to Brazil: World Cup and Olympics

  1. argunda says:

    Chicago was super upset. It sucks. When I was there I saw MAD 2016 Olympic propaganda posters. I was like wtf… its like 7 years away who gives a damn. Apparently its was a huge deal. Oh well.

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