Where the Wild Things Are

So, as everyone should well know, the new movie based on the old book, “Where the Wild Things Are” is coming out on October 16!!!  Many of my friends and I are very excited for the film.  I have been a big fan of the childen’s book for a very long time.  Creative director, Spike Jonze got a hold of the Maurice Sendak classic, and has translated into a whole new animal.  Still staying in line with many of the stories elements, and staying somewhat true to the plot line, Jonze’s film reportedly “enhances and enriches” the book in the words of the author, Sendak.  Going by the trailers and screenshots, the film is definitely an expanded version as there were images of things that I do not remember at all from the book.  With the seal of approval from Maurice Sendak, and the trailers, I certainly think that this will be an great piece of art, and a classic in its own right.  In the video I put in this post, the director and the author are shown talking face to face talking about the story and the history and evolution of it.  Plus there’s some really cool clips from the movie!!

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