Artastic Artist: James Jean

Another installment in my Artastic Artist category; ultra successful illustrator, James Jean!!  I’ve been a big James Jean fan for quite a while now.  He has work all over the place, in magazines like, GQ and Complex.  He also does the beautiful painted covers for the ongoing comic series, “Fables.”  He has a clean detailed, creative style, that’s definitely easy to get into.  He magically creates fantasy worlds filled with elves, children, animals, and mystical beasts that can pull you in and have you lost for hours.  Click on the first picture below to check out his website, with high quality images of his work and his different collections.


a Fables sketch from his blog

a Fables sketch from his blog

He also has a blog, where he shows a lot of his works in progress and keeps the public updated on what he’s doing, where his art is being shown, and where he’s going.  He doesn’t keep it updated that often, but it’s totally archived, so it’s pretty cool to check out all of the old posts.  He also has up a lot of his sketches and sketch books that he keeps with him all the time.  Some of his sketch pages are almost as cool as his work.  Click on the second pic to go to the James Jean blog.

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